Why Everyone in Your Organization Needs to be a Hiring Expert 

April 9, 2024

Matt Gainsford

Matt Gainsford

In this dynamic era of growth, effective hiring is no longer just the responsibility of the HR department; it is a whole-company initiative. Dive into our blog to learn more.

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Attract Top Talent Together: Why Everyone on Your Team Should be Recruiting for You 

People make the world go round, and the success of any business hinges on its ability to attract and retain top talent. As we stride into Q2 of 2024, the landscape of success is evolving, and one thing remains constant: the critical importance of hiring and retaining the right people. In this dynamic era of growth, effective hiring is no longer just the responsibility of the HR department; it is a whole-company initiative. If you are familiar with Titus Talent Strategies, chances are you’ve heard about our Whole Person approach to hiring (if you haven’t heard, or you’re interested in learning more about it, click here). In taking strategies one step further, we suggest the Whole Company Hiring approach. 

What isn’t often talked about in hiring circles, is the Whole-Company approach to hiring and recruitment as a team effort. While we’re not looking to add the title “Recruiter” to each of your team’s job descriptions, we would like to use this blog to extol the virtues of the “brand advocate”, to explore the impact your people have as ambassadors for your organization and provide you with suggestions on how to utilize your greatest asset, your people, to inform a unified approach to finding your next top hire. 

Building a Foundation for Success: No More Bad Hires (and Story Time). 

  • The cost of a bad hire can be up to 30% of the employee’s salary according to the Society for Human Resource Management Source: SHRM. 

We’ve all heard about the impact of a bad hire and the investment made that leads you back to square one (or even further back). A bad hire isn’t simply comparable to returning an item to the store and getting your money back if only it were that unimpactful. Think of it more like returning an item to the store without a receipt, except that the item is on sale and you aren’t getting your refund. To make matters worse, they give you in-store credit, and the store isn’t the one that you shop at because it’s two hours away, doesn’t have anything you like, and all the restrooms are out of order.  

But wait, there’s more, while you are in the store, your car gets broken into and stolen, leaving you and your family stranded, and you don’t have a vehicle for the long-awaited road trip that you had planned. Wow, that’s frustrating, but at least it can’t get worse from there; oh, but it can. You’re a single-car family, and now you have no way to get your significant other to work on time, and they’re about to lose their job… Long story short, a bad hire affects everyone in an organization, and the reverberations are tectonic. 

What’s one way you can guard against this? Get on the same page with the team who will be making the hire. If you are a hiring manager, and chances are you’re already doing this, sit down with the person whose team the candidate will join so you can gain alignment on what success looks like.  

Elevating the Candidate Experience: A Competitive Advantage 

In today’s competitive talent market, the candidate’s experience can make or break a company’s reputation. 

  • A study by Glassdoor found that 69% of candidates would consider a company’s Glassdoor rating before applying for a job.  

By prioritizing a candidate-centric approach, businesses can attract top talent and bolster their employer brand. Candidates who are courted vs propositioned are more likely to experience a more connected hiring process, which will give them a greater first impression of your team. One way to seal the deal for a candidate is to be proactive in engaging your people to be your ambassadors. Instead of relying on Glassdoor reviews (which you absolutely should do), go one step further and suggest the candidate connect with a team member on LinkedIn to chat about the role. This transparent approach engages the whole team and gives the candidate a unique opportunity to hear firsthand about the culture that you’ve built. 

Embracing a Whole-Company Initiative: Collaboration is Key 

Gone are the days of siloed hiring efforts. Success in hiring requires a collaborative effort from every corner of the organization. 

  • A study by Aberdeen Group found that companies with a strong collaborative hiring process see a 50% reduction in time-to-hire :  

From engineering to marketing, each department plays a crucial role in identifying and attracting top talent. By fostering a culture where everyone is a hiring expert, businesses can streamline processes, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge. One of the advantages of taking a Whole-Company approach is the ability to utilize your people’s network. 80% of hires are made through personal connections. Most organizations have referral programs in place that can incentivize employees to put candidates forward.  

Why Whole Person Hiring Needs a Whole Company Mindset 

Whole Person Hiring, which considers not just skills and qualifications but also traits, values, and cultural fit, necessitates a mindset that extends beyond HR. Every department interacts with candidates and contributes to the company culture. When every team member understands and embodies the values and goals of the organization, they become essential in identifying candidates who align with these principles. 

The Wrap-Up: Empowering Your People for Success 

The success of any business in 2024 hinges on its ability to hire and retain top talent. At Titus Talent Strategies, we’re passionate about empowering every member of the organization to become a hiring expert. By embracing a unified approach, leveraging data-driven insights, and prioritizing the candidate experience, businesses can thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. It’s time for every department to recognize its role in shaping the future of hiring and drive success for years to come. 

Why Partner with Titus Talent Strategies   

Choosing Titus means partnering with a team that expands on traditional recruitment methods while using modern digital tools and strategies.    

Our commitment to recruitment excellence, adaptability to market changes, and dedication to creating positive candidate experiences underscore our unmatched capability in fulfilling your staffing needs. Contact us now to improve your hiring process. We can help you find the ideal candidate for your team. This will ensure the lasting success of your company and its staff.   

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