Predictive Index Demo

Best Person, Right Seat, Top-Performing Teams

You cannot know a person’s mind from an interview. By implementing both Predictive Index Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments to your hiring process, you can accurately measure the success of a hire by over 50% compared to traditional interviews.

Our 30-minute demo is packed with information and will give you a window into the solutions PI can offer your organization.  Here are some areas we will cover:

  • Personal readback of your Behavioral Assessment
  • Validity of tool and the science behind its accuracy
  • How to best implement this tool company-wide
  • Brief overview of the tool’s functions in the areas of hiring, team analytics, and engagement

Will the demo really last 15 minutes?

We know that you’re busy, so respecting your time is important to us.  The demo will only last 30 minutes, but you will have the option of extending the time at the 30 minute mark.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep time so you don’t have to.

How is the demo presented?

We provide two presentation options to ensure that viewing our demo is as easy as possible for you and your team.  You can view the demo through a video conference call, or if you’d rather have the demo presented in-person, we’ll be there.  Your choice!

Who will be presenting the demo?

We believe so strongly in our process and are so excited to help companies by changing the face of recruiting, that members of our Leadership Team have taken it upon themselves to spread the word.  CEO, Jonathan Reynolds, President, Scott Seefeld, or PI Practice Director, Mike Kuenzi will be presenting the demo to you.

What’s the pitch—am I being sold?

Our goal is not to persuade you to buy something that benefits us more than you.  Our goal is simple—educate companies on a different way of interviewing, engaging, and retaining individuals to help meet their objectives and people & business goals.  If there is fit between our two companies, Great!  If not, at least you walked away in 15 minutes with a different perspective with no strings attached.

Why do I need to take a Behavioral Assessment as part of my demo?

Taking the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is a critical part of the demo.  This 7-minute survey will generate a pattern for our PI team to review during the demo. From there, we will further analyze the data and put together a succinct recap of the person’s drives, motivators, and behaviors. This will allow you to see the true accuracy of the tool and ask questions around how we gathered the data. Additionally, we can print or send your full report summary for you to review or share with others.

How will I take the Assessment?

Our team lead will reach out to you with a link to the assessment once you have scheduled a demo.  It’s quick, easy and pain free!  We will also be available to answer any questions you have about the assessment prior to completion.

If I like what I hear, how do I get more information?

Our Team is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for your company. You can schedule an additional meeting with us after the presentation or contact our team at a later date…whatever is most convenient for you.