Predictive Index

When you want high-performing teams.

Passionate People, Proven Process, Unparalleled Performance…Guaranteed.

PI Certified Partner

When you want high-performing teams.

The Predictive Index solution is not just an assessment, it is part of a cultural philosophy that changes how companies think about talent.  PI measures both cognitive reasoning and the inherent motivating needs that drive all people.  You can use this system to understand what contributes to workplace behaviors so that you can ensure alignment, drive your team’s success, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible.

As a Predictive Index Certified Partner we will:

  • Help you find the ideal hire
  • Place people in the right seat
  • Work with you to build high-performing teams
  • Provide you with a full support team that has over 20 years of combined psychometric assessment expertise

Using Predictive Index’s Behavioral Assessments and Learning Indicator tools, we can accurately predict in under 20 minutes how your top candidates will:

  • Fit into their new role
  • Quickly learn job requirements
  • Work successfully with other team members

What Sets Us Apart:

Titus Talent Strategies is a high-performance and value-driven organization. Here are the key things that make us unique:

  1. Sit on your side of the table (trusted advisor/client centric)
  2. Performance-based Hiring and Predictive Index Principles (right hire/right seat/right team)
  3. Defined, measurable & transparent process (efficient)
  4. Guaranteed Performance (security)
  5. Training – We love knowledge transfer to our partners (learning)

If you’d like to learn more on how to hire smart and inspire greatness in your team, schedule a quick 15-minute demo with us!


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Date:  June 14, 2018

Traditional hiring sucks. Discover three transforming tips to fix it!




They aren’t focused on filling a position, they are really looking at how we can develop our people strategy in our company and actually achieve what we were hoping to do which is grow our business. "
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Would like to learn more about how you can improve the Quality of your hire while building high-performing teams? Take 140 seconds to view this video to see how incorporating Predictive Index into your hiring process can be a game changer.

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