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Whole Person Webinar Series

High Definition Recruiting:
Candidates in 3D

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The Briefcase: The First Dimension

A candidate’s briefcase, or relevant experience and professional choices, are clearly critical to a candidate’s ultimate success in any new role. Learn how establishing performance objectives and positioning your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help get the RIGHT person in the RIGHT seat.

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The Head: A 2D Look Into Decoding Your Candidate

What drives your candidate? What is their “superpower” beyond the technical skills they bring to the table? We’ll dive into the benefits of using an assessment tool to understand a candidate’s motivation and ensure their ability to hit the ground running.

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The Heart: The 3D Candidate

Are your company’s core values clearly defined? You’ll learn what “value alignment” truly means when hiring for the HEART and why simply “hiring for culture” isn’t always the answer.

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The Whole Person: The Resume and Beyond

Your new employee is bringing much more than just their resume on their first day! Discover the three most important things to consider when making a hire: the head, heart, and briefcase, and why focusing on all three during the hiring process is critical for success.

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