Talent Talks: The Truth About Accountability with Marshall Krupp

talent talks podcast with marshall krupp and jonathan d reynolds

Welcome to another insightful episode of Talent Talks! In this episode, Jonathan D. Reynolds engages in a dynamic conversation with special guest, Marshall Krupp, a certified EOS®️ Implementer. Marshall shares his expertise on the transformative power of accountability and integrity on both a personal and organizational level. He talks about personal accountability and reveals the…

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Talent Talks: Building a Blossoming Workplace Culture with Jason Levin

In this captivating episode of Talent Talks, we dive deep into the world of blossoms and business with our special guest, Jason Levin, a visionary, entrepreneur, and founder of Dos Gringos A Flower Company. Jason shares invaluable insights on the art of nurturing your team, attracting and retaining top talent, and fostering a profound sense…

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Talent Talks: Impacting the Impactors with EOS® Implementer Lorie Clements

In this Talent Talks episode, Jonathan D. Reynolds was joined by special guest, EOS®️ Implementer Lorie Clements. In “Impacting the Impactors,” they explore the profound impact a leader can have on the lives of those they lead and the broader organization. Lorie shares insights on the positive trickle-down effect of impactful leadership, highlighting real-life examples…

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Talent Talks: How Road Runner Sports Mastered E Commerce as a Family Business w/ Mike Gotfredson Jr

In our latest episode of Talent Talks, we sit down with a true ecommerce visionary, Mike Gotfredson Jr., President of Road Runner Sports and a second-generation leader in this renowned family-run business. Listen in as Mike and Jonathan delve deep into Mike’s remarkable journey as a second-generation leader, highlighting the unique challenges and triumphs that…

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Talent Talks: Strategies for Hiring the Whole Person, Not a Resume

Jonathan Reynolds on a podcast with Mike Kuenzi

In this enlightening episode of Talent Talks, Jonathan D. Reynolds, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with a seasoned leader and the Regional Vice President of Talent Optimization at Titus, Mike Kuenzi. Jonathan and Mike dive deep into “Strategies for Hiring a Whole Person, Not a Resume,” exploring the idea that people are often hired for…

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Talent Talks: The Power of Purposeful Leadership w/ Ben White

We’re back with another captivating episode of the Talent Talks Podcast, “The Power of Purposeful Leadership.” In this week’s episode, Jonathan D. Reynolds was joined by Regional VP of Titus Talent, Ben White. Jonathan and Ben dive into some of the essential elements that make leaders not only effective but transformative. Competition can be a…

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