Lifesaving Lessons in Healthcare Recruitment

October 10, 2023

Titus Talent

Titus Talent

When to Administer CPR in Your Recruitment and Retention Strategies.


CPR. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. 

CPR is conducted in the severest of emergencies where it is determined that an individual’s life is in danger if immediate action is not taken to attempt to restart their heart.  

It’s something we’ve all witnessed on TV or in movies and, heaven forbid—for some of us—in real life. 

CPR. Compressions. Pulse Checks. Rescue Breaths. 

Most of us are familiar with the compressions and rescue breaths required in the CPR cycle, but are you familiar with pulse checks? What does this have to do with recruiting and retention in healthcare? We’re glad you asked.

As with anything in life, to determine the desired outcome, you need to know what you’re dealing with because sometimes, what appears correct or necessary could be the opposite of what you should do.  

In this blog, we will diagnose what it takes to save your hiring efforts and breathe life into your retention strategy. Our first action is to look for signs of life; we need a pulse check. 

The very first pulse check is a vital part of the assessment protocol to determine if CPR is required. If you find someone unresponsive, step 1 should be to check for a pulse. If you have determined there is no natural pulse from this person, step 2 is to begin chest compressions and rescue breaths AND hook up an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device to their chest.  

From an HR/people management perspective, this could start with looking at results and performance. What is dipping, what is lacking, and what is the chosen course of action to restore peak performance?

Pulse checks are continually done throughout the CPR cycle by both the AED device, analyzing any electrical activity coming from the person, and physically by the person performing CPR. 

Sometimes, the heart is beating independently—just erratically and not in a life-sustaining rhythm, which requires the healthcare personnel to deliver a shock to the chest.  

Sometimes, the heart is not beating at all—and this scenario, much to popular surprise due to our beloved movies and TV shows—does NOT require an electric shock. Did you know that? 

This is where courageous candor and crucial conversations need to take place. You need to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Perhaps there is a personal issue that is affecting their job performance, and the answer is a mental health day and not a Performance Improvement Plan. They don’t need a shock, they might just need a massage and time to rest.

It is no secret that our healthcare system has experienced a mass exodus of talented healthcare professionals leaving in recent years, and in doing so, the demand for filling open positions continues to increase. They may be leaving for various reasons, but how can we ever solve this issue if we don’t properly take a pulse check on the situation and implement appropriate saving measures? 

I propose to you our own type of CPR: Core Predictors of Retention. 

  1. Does your practice or system provide growth opportunities? 
  2. Pulse check: Are there programs for nurses, such as advancing education or shared governance councils? Are there opportunities for physicians to advance into practice leadership or medical directorship? 
  3. Do your managers/administrators have the time, resources, and desire to properly support their team? 
  4. Pulse check: Is the Right Person in the Right Seat? 
  5. Do you provide adequate time off for your employees and safe staffing ratios? 
  6. Pulse check: Are your staffs’ concerns being acknowledged and addressed? 

These are a few examples of areas that could save a life—the life of your department/practice/system from falling into staffing disrepair, if properly investigated and addressed. It is critical that you invest in your healthcare staff at all levels, and ensure your leaders are equipped to lead. Prioritize the safety of your staff however you can. It takes effort to analyze the root issues to determine the most effective and necessary life-saving measures. 

Titus Talent specializes in providing quality talent and lasting results you can trust. We can help you perform the necessary pulse checks within our version of CPR, Core Predictors of Retention, for your healthcare system or practice. Connect with us today to learn more or get started building a pipeline of today’s top healthcare talent. 

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