Slow Down, Hire Right: Reducing Stress While Guaranteeing a Successful Hire 

November 15, 2023

Ashley Meyer

Ashley Meyer

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, where the talent pool is tight, candidates are bombarded with messages, and hiring managers grapple with counter offers and assumptions, finding success can feel like preparing for the greatest race of your life.


Next time you watch a race, watch what happens just before the start. The athletes step into a position of extreme focus. This is a race they have run plenty of times in practice, and plenty more in their head. They take a deep breath and tune out the fans, so that there’s only the track and the finish line. There’s no looking to the left or to the right, the goal lies straight ahead. Isn’t it funny how a short distance to run that can seem like a lifetime away?

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, where the talent pool is tight, candidates are bombarded with messages, and hiring managers grapple with counter offers and assumptions, finding success can feel like preparing for the greatest race of your life. In this blog, we explore the art of stepping back and shutting out the noise to not just survive but thrive in the chaotic world of hiring and recruitment. 

1. Embrace the Silence in the Tight Talent Pool: 

In a market where talent is scarce, the knee-jerk reaction might be to shout louder to attract attention, however just because you’re shouting the loudest doesn’t mean you’re being heard. Sometimes the most effective strategy is to embrace silence. Instead of casting a wide net, focus on targeted outreach and go after the candidates you really want. Understand your candidate persona deeply, personalize your messages, and let the quality of your communication stand out in the silence.

The winning is in the planning. Posting on job boards will get you applicants but often you’ll spend more time sifting out candidates who aren’t aligned vs. connecting with the A-Players you are looking for. It’s better to spend 4 hours on sourcing 10 amazing candidates than 40 hours sifting through 1000 misaligned ones.  

2. Cutting Through the Noise: AI, Messaging, and Candidate Saturation: 

A study by Pew Research Center found that 62% of job applicants believe AI has the potential to make recruitment more fair and unbiased. Properly utilized AI can enhance the recruitment process and improve candidate experiences. 

Artificial intelligence has transformed recruitment, but it has also contributed to candidate saturation. Too many people are using AI as a substitute and not a supplement. To succeed, you should be using AI strategically. Leverage it to streamline processes, identify top candidates, and personalize interactions. Craft messages that cut through the noise by being authentic, relevant, and showing a genuine interest in the individual behind the resume. Be careful to double and triple-check those messages because AI does get it wrong, and when it’s wrong it can be catastrophic. 

3. Winning the Battle of Counter Offers and Competing Offers: 

Counter offers and competing offers can turn the hiring process into a battleground. To increase your chances of landing a candidate on the first try, focus on building genuine connections and value alignment. When approaching a passive candidate (who will do A LOT of research into your company) you need to understand their motivations, career goals, and personal values. Position your company not just as a job but as a long-term career home, aligning with the candidate’s aspirations.  

Find out what matters to the person you are talking to, and connect with their why. Not only will that support the decisions you’re making as you seek to understand their fit with the team, but it will also serve to help them write their story into yours. Partnership is powerful when people feel like they are stepping into a landscape where they can make an impact and feel valued.  

4. Defining Success with Data, Not Assumptions: 

In a world of uncertainty, some hiring managers rely on assumptive reasoning and end up making decisions based on gut feelings rather than data. If you want to stand out, be the recruiter who brings definable data to the table. Utilize analytics to measure the success of your recruitment strategies, track the performance of hires, and continually refine your approach based on evidence rather than assumptions.  

At Titus Talent Strategies we utilize the Predictive Index to help gather data on the environments and relationships a candidate will thrive in (or vice versa). We combine this with a series of questions that dig for value and then top it off with seeking an understanding of their skill alignment but with a twist. We want to know how their skills have resulted in achievement; dynamism vs description (is it even a skill if it hasn’t resulted in something?). It takes some digging but it’s necessary. We have found great value in implementing a Whole Person Hiring philosophy that ensures putting the right person for the right seat, every time. 

5. Changing the Narrative: Job Hopping vs. Career Pathing: 

The perception of job hopping can hinder candidates who are strategically building their careers through intentional moves every two-three years. The average length of time in a job for Millennial is 2 years and 9 months. For a Gen Z-er it’s 2 years and 3 months. That 6-month difference can be the time it takes to ramp up into a new role. We encourage you to shift the narrative by highlighting the benefits of diverse experiences and skill sets gained through different roles. Showcase how your company values continuous learning and growth, and position frequent moves as a form of career pathing rather than job hopping.  

The Wrap Up 

In the chaos of the recruitment storm, success often lies in the ability to step back and shut out the noise. By embracing targeted strategies, leveraging technology wisely, building genuine connections, relying on data, and changing the narrative around career moves, you can navigate the challenges of a turbulent hiring landscape and emerge with top-tier talent steering your ship towards success To help get you started, or to re-energize your current hiring strategies, we’ve rolled out a brand new website that’s full of resources, talent insights, downloadables and so much more. Dive in and enjoy!


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