Start Here for Guaranteed Quality

Our 15 minute demo is quick, informative and pain free.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to accurately measure quality of hire
  • The 3 most important areas to assess for measuring quality of hire
  • Our revolutionary 4 step recruiting process that guarantees quality of hire
  • What other companies say about our proven process

Will the demo last 15 minutes?

We know that you’re busy, so respecting your time is important to us. The demo will only last 15 minutes (900 seconds to be exact), but you will have the option of extending the time at the 15-minute mark. Don’t worry, we’ll keep time so you don’t have to.

How is the demo presented?

We provide 2 presentation options to ensure that viewing our demo is as easy as possible for you and your team. You can view the demo through a video conference call, or if you’d rather have the demo presented in-person, we’ll be there. Your choice!

Who will be presenting the demo?

We believe so strongly in our process and are so excited to transform the way companies hire, that members of our Executive Team or one of our Directors have committed to present the demos and answer any questions about our process or about one of your recruiting challenges.

What’s the pitch—am I being sold?

Our goal is not to persuade you to buy something that benefits us more than you. Our goal is simple—educate companies on a better way of recruiting to help meet their people and business goals and objectives. If there is a great fit between our two companies, Brilliant! If not, at least you walked away in 15 minutes with a different perspective on hiring with no strings attached.

If I like what I hear, how do I get more information?

Our team is dedicated with providing you with all the information to you need to make the best recruiting decisions for your company. You can schedule an additional meeting with them after the presentation or contact them later, whatever is most convenient for you.