Extension: Performance-Based Hiring

When you need guaranteed performance-based interview scoring and deliverable results.

Passionate People, Proven Process, Unparalleled Performance…Guaranteed.

With our Extension: Performance-Based Hiring, you get peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best performance-based recruiting experience possible. Flexibility, dedicated recruiting time, and a fully transparent experience are just a few of the ways that we differ from other recruiters.

Extension: Performance-Based Hiring Benefits:

  • Dedicated team of certified Performance-based Hiring consultants
  • Dedicated time of 12-15 hours per week on every search
  • Flexibility – month to month 
  • Full transparent reporting with weekly status meetings
  • Full passive candidate pipeline—at no additional cost—for your future hiring

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Our Take On Performance Recruiting:

Titus Talent Strategies is a high-performance and value-driven organization. We look at the whole person, The Head, The Heart, and The Briefcase for ultimate hiring success. Using our Hire 4 Performance process along with key scientific data points we are able to:

  1. Sit on your side of the table (trusted advisor/client-centric). Having a trusted advisor at your side, that specializes in performance-based hiring, will help you to get ahead of the curve; allowing you to get the right person that much more quickly 
  2. Offer performance-Based Hiring and Predictive Index Principles (right hire/right seat/right team) separates us from other performance recruiting specialists
  3. Set a defined, measurable & transparent process (efficient)
  4. Guarantee the quality of hire (security)
  5. Conduct consistent and effective training – We love knowledge transfer to our partners (learning)

In this tight talent market, it’s important to think differently in the hunt for top talent. That’s why we offer a performance-based recruiting process that provides a dedicated team to help you identify, attract, and hire top performers—all with savings compared to traditional, contingent recruiters.

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