4 Reasons Why Candidates Should Love Employment Assessments

By: Susan Schlink


Many of us have been there—when you have to ask a prospective hire to take a pre-employment assessment.  As a recruiter, that’s when I usually get a huge “sigh” from the other end of the phone from the candidate.

Many companies can be plagued with a large candidate drop-out rate during the interview process, and hiring leaders may think pre-employment assessments add to this number.  However, taking an assessment can really be a win, not only for the perspective employer, but for the candidate as well.

If you are a hiring leader, it may be beneficial for your team to communicate upfront the benefits of an assessment to the prospective candidate. Below are 4 reasons why candidates should view pre-employment assessments as a benefit, not a bust.

  1. Understand Me – A good assessment examines a person’s behavioral pattern and helps everyone involved in the hiring process better understand their drives and needs. This understanding in turn helps them manage this person more effectively. People that are managed well tend to be happier and stay around longer—a big plus for those retention numbers.
  2. Connect With Me – A good assessment will help build strong employee relationships. Too many times we work with other team members, but don’t really understand what motivates them or how they work best. These assessments provide a great insight into people’s strengths, their “work self” and “social self”.  Allowing the team to have a clear understanding of each other will help them build strong, productive work relationships.
  3. See Me – The third reason assessments can be so valuable to a candidate is that assessments often help people stand out from the crowd of potential hires. Every role has specific traits that are needed to be successful. Assessments, like Predictive Index, can quickly reveal if a candidate has the proper behavioral and cognitive traits for a role.  The science speaks for itself, and if a candidate has those key traits, they are quickly revealed.
  4. A Fit For Me – The final reason assessments can be a great win for a candidate is that they help determine if this job is really a great fit long-term. Have you ever taken a job and realized after a few months that the role was not what you expected? With a strong assessment, these concerns are addressed upfront and the guesswork about a long-term fit for the candidate is greatly diminished.


If you’re looking to discuss how an assessment tool can help with your hiring process and be a great selling point to your candidates, connect with us.  As a certified partner of  Predictive Index, we can show you in 30 minutes or less how we’ve helped companies use assessment tools to take the guesswork out of hiring and guarantee the right hire the first time.

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