7 Key Ways to Stand Out in IT Recruiting

By: Daniel Mormann


Struggling to attract IT Professionals? Maybe these steps will help.

In this tight talent market, it’s critical to separate yourself from the pack. In a survey of 760 employers across 29 states in the United States and three Canadian provinces, 83% of respondents reported a shortage of software development professionals, due mostly to the lack of qualified local talent. (The nonprofit Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) February, 2015)

Since 83% of employers report a shortage, how many LinkedIn messages, emails, and phone calls do you think the top software developers receive? Software developers along with other IT professionals receive anywhere from 5-20 messages from recruiters every day. How do you set yourself apart from the pack when you reach out to these candidates? We’ve identified seven key points to address when reaching out to top talent, especially in the IT space:

Interview your current team and identify what attracted them to your company. Identify specific reasons why your team chose your company to pursue their career. Share these highlights with prospective candidates including the position title, company name and location.

Share your team’s accomplishments, recent projects, and awards. Top IT talent wants to be on a winning team.

Describe in detail what training programs, certifications, and continuing education support you provide. Explain how your team remains on the technology forefront.

Detail why the position is available and what career path the position provides.

Highlight your unique company benefits such as gym memberships, product discounts, weekly massages, onsite chefs for lunch, on-site healthcare providers, and complimentary babysitting services

Many IT professionals have the opportunity to work remotely. Does your infrastructure offer opportunities to work from home? Highlight this information up front.

Do you have a company video that shares employee testimonials demonstrating your internal culture? Company videos can be created relatively quickly and are an incredibly effective recruiting tool.

IT Professionals are detailed-oriented and appreciate a company that has a very streamlined recruiting process. Providing your prospective candidates with specific information up front, and providing consistent candidate follow-up will help build your pipeline of quality candidates!

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