Employee Anniversary Spotlight: Matt Miller

By: Titus Talent Strategies


The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

No one knows a Boolean more or better than Matt…he is the go-to guide for how to craft the strongest of search strings. Hunter, Fisherman…Matt moves with skilled precision… let’s just say he does a great job finding candidates, luring them in, and impacting lives forever as he connects them with opportunities of a lifetime.

As one of our longest-tenured team members, Matt is woven into the very fabric of Titus. If you look closely, you’ll see Matt’s fingerprints on many of our processes and documents still used today!

While he is fabulous in his professional role, his friends know him as the one who’d give the shirt off his back and all the cash in his wallet. GENEROUS – Matt is such a giver whether it’s financial, time or heart. He is very involved with non-profits that help get kids off the street and hand-ups to folks who had a rocky road. He is a friend to all. When you need a friend, you can count on Miller Time!

In his free time, you’ll probably find him camping in the mountains, fishing, or out in the wild slinging some BBQ and wings.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Matt! We are so privileged to have you with us. We are better because of you.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

C.S. Lewis

matt miller titus anniversary

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