Don’t Be Robbed of Potential Hires!

By: Jonathan Reynolds


I’ve worked out that my elevator pitch is:

“I’m a Talent Thief! I steal top talent; those who are most precious and most valuable to your competitors, those who aren’t looking to be found. I sneak in, lure them outside and then ‘wow’ them with your new and exciting opportunity (or incredibly boring, yet very critical) open position! I do it faster and at a lower cost than most!”

Come on, that’s at least intriguing, isn’t it?!

Titus Talent Strategies is comprised of a team of talented consultants in markets around the country and the globe. This network makes life very interesting and adds a level of variety that our team and clients find very attractive and compelling.

What makes us so different in the recruiting world is our unique Recruitment Partnership InSourcing (RPI) service. Now THIS is my baby! We are a consulting firm. We consult companies on how to source, interview and hire top talent. There are many recruiting firms that have jumped on the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) bandwagon… that model is designed to be your permanent high-volume solution – they become so intertwined with your organization, that you just can’t live without them. Sounds great – FOR THEM!

We developed our Recruitment Partnership InSourcing (RPI) service to do two things:

  1. Apply our super targeted and aggressive talent thievery skills toward our clients’ high-priority needs (not just focusing on one position, but often multiple roles),
  2. Consult our clients on how they can structure themselves to be able to do what we do, themselves (granted, not as good as us!).

What does this mean for our clients? Well, they are essentially renting a headhunter by the hour! No contracts, no hefty fees, just results! Oh, and they hire as many of the top-notch passive candidates that we present as they like and they don’t pay anything extra. If they want to hire one now and let the others stay working at their current company until the time is right to add again…they can, because our clients own all of the candidates’ contact info! No extra fees. Just results.

The reality is this; the best people generally are not looking for a job and therefore are not going to respond to a job ad, or even read one! To find, connect and entice them to consider exploring a move, you need your recruiter to have a “sales” mentality, someone who is competitive and driven and thrives on finding you the right fit. Someone like a Titus Talent consultant…hired with these specific skill sets.

So what does RPI bring that’s different by design? Passionate People, Proven Process & Unparalleled Performance. (Not to mention a 75% cost saving!)

Why am I passionate about this? It just makes sense! Yesterday a potential customer said to me “so, I could rent a head hunter from you for 10 hours a week, for 6 months for the same cost as this other search firm is charging us for 1 hire?” YES!

Anyway, I am not a ‘blogger’, I’m a doer… but I think this blog will help companies who are thinking about using a headhunter. I hope I can de-bunk some of the myths and suggest some questions asked and some issues to be aware of when looking for recruiting help – the level of service offered, and the fees and costs involved can vary greatly… that’s why we created the Titus difference!

Welcome to my world!
The Talent Thief!

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