Fall In Love With Your Resume

By: Susan Schlink


Most of us don’t love our resumes. They feel a little flat, maybe even stagnant, and most people wish we could do without them. But of course, that’s not really an option. The good news is there are a few simple steps you can take to fall in love with your resume again and add some new life to that piece of paper!

  1. First off, if your address is on your resume, take it off! You just need to have your name, email address, phone number and if you want your LinkedIn Profile. If you need help updating that, check out our blog “4 Easy Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pop”.
  2. Second, brag a little! Whenever possible, you want to quantify results in your resume. List how much you sold or how much you improved sales YOY. Talk about accomplishments, focus on key contributions, and include measurable amounts to show what you accomplished while working there.
  3. Third, include relevant achievements and certifications on your resume. This makes your resume look a bit more appealing and helps you stick out from other applicants. The key here is to ensure the certifications you are listing are applicable to this specific position. Include things such as licenses, certifications, professional affiliations, awards and recognitions.
  4. Finally, if you find your resume is a bit lengthy, cut some things out! Keep your listed experiences to the last 10 years – best practice is to primarily list jobs that pertain to the position you are applying for (most hiring managers aren’t interested in that  internship from over 15 years ago). You should also exclude your GPA as well as most professional credentials after your name, such as CPA or RN. A good rule of thumb is that unless the credential changes how you are addressed, it belongs elsewhere on your resume. The same goes for academic degrees; your MBA or PhD degrees go in the education section of your resume, not after your name.

If you’re looking for a nice resume template to use, Google Drive offers some good free options. Then, all you have to do is fill in your information and not worry about formatting! Once you’ve edited it, simply save it as a PDF and you’re good to go.

Want to talk more about getting that resume right and finding a great opportunity? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

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