Look For Three “Must Haves” When Hiring A Great Recruiter

By: Joe Chirumbolo


In this tight talent market, great recruiters are worth their weight in gold.  A great recruiter not only helps attract the best and the brightest (top talent want to work with other winners), but they can dramatically reduce your time to fill by helping bring in the right people the first time.

Whether you’re looking to hire a recruiter internally or evaluating potential recruiting partners to help fill gaps within your team, there are certain characteristics that set apart elite recruiters from the rest of the pack.

Like any profession, the recruiting/staffing industry has its all-star performers.  Below are three vital characteristics that elite recruiters possess.

  1. Sales/Marketing Mindset – With the unemployment rate the lowest it has been in almost two decades, it has become increasingly difficult to attract top talent to lingering job openings. To be a top-notch recruiter, a sales focused mindset is essential.  In any sales cycle, it could take 6-8 touch points before generating a workable sales lead.  This is no different in recruiting.  Similar to sales prospecting, potential candidates are receiving inquiries from multiple recruiters on a daily basis with career opportunities.  Recruiters not only have to be creative with their pitch, but they have to be persistent and consistently follow up with prospects.  It also helps to include a personal touch in messaging and verbal pitches.  Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent tools to learn about prospects prior to reaching out.


  1. Consultative Approach – A persistent recruiter often will get the attention of their prospects, but that does not mean candidates are necessarily interested. It is necessary to be a consultant and not just a recruiter when communicating with potential candidates.  What is the difference?  Recruiters are excellent at sourcing candidates, sourcing contact information, connecting with potential candidates, and selling candidates jobs they often have no interest in.  A CONSULTANT is simply someone who offers expert advice professionally.  In the recruiting world, this means taking the time to learn about a candidate’s career goals, past experience, ideal work culture/environment, and motivating factors to make a career change prior to presenting the candidate with a career opportunity.  In most cases, there will be a connection in one of those areas with the career opportunity being recruited for that will allow the recruiter to speak as more of a consultant than a recruiter.


  1. Positive Attitude – On paper, this is the easiest quality to possess, but anyone who has endured the roller coaster ride of recruiting knows that keeping a positive attitude is a challenge.  It is also imperative.  We are in a profession that results in constant rejection.  So how do we stay positive?  Here are a few suggestions:

Spin negative responses to positive ones.  For example, if a recruiter goes through an entire day with all potential candidates rejecting conversations, this is not a bad thing.  These candidates saved the recruiter time by not engaging in a conversation which will allow the recruiter to spend more time on interested candidates moving forward.

Know that for every job opening, there is always a suitor.  As hard as it seems to believe sometimes, there is always someone right for a job.  Focus on moving forward and finding the  right person for the role.

Take a Break! – Get up and take a walk, listen to some music, read a book, etc.  Personally, I like to do a quick workout in the middle of the day.  Do whatever you enjoy that will recharge the batteries and put you in a positive mindset.


If you are interested in partnering with a recruiting team that represents all three of these characteristics, look to Titus Talent Strategies.

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