Hiring for Construction? Show Your Value.

By: Tommy Wilkinson


Nationwide, the construction unemployment rate is hitting an all-time low.  This is great news if you’re a candidate in the construction industry, but worrisome if you’re part of a hiring team looking to fill positions that have been open for months.

If you’re looking to lure top talent to your organization, the phrases below may be all too familiar:

“I appreciate the call, but I’m happy where I am”

“Not looking for a move at this time.  Check back with me in 6 months”

“How much is the salary?”

“Who is this?  How did you get this number?!”

As the unemployment rate in the construction industry continues to dip, your frustration with convincing top talent to look at your opportunity may continue to grow.  These rock star candidates already have rock star status at another company, so how do you get them to listen to your opportunity?

Answer: Strong Employee Value Proposition 

An EVP is a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to the organization.

Having a strong EVP that speaks directly to the candidate and position will help open doors where before may have been only walls.  Make sure that the EVP is:

  1. Focused on the right things – what is important to the candidate looking at this opportunity?
  2. Short and sweet – catch the candidate’s attention.  Make sure your words mean something and are easy to digest quickly.
  3. Front and center – make your EVP the star of your communication. If written well, it may be the one reason a top candidate may agree to a conversation.

If you’re using emails to open doors to top talent, here are some great examples of strong EVPs for the construction industry.  These templates will not only help you create a strong WHY for the potential candidate, but will help you communicate clearly how this role is a career move worth investigating.

Who knows, maybe the candidate will end up thanking you!

If you would like help creating a strong EVP for your open positions, we’d love to help.


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