Hiring? Measure What Matters.

By: Jeff Boucher


With our 2017 recruiting trade show season in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to reflect on what we learned. Our goal was quite simple:

Ask recruiting leaders a thought provoking question that may make them think differently about hiring.

What was the question?

“What’s most important to you when it comes to recruiting top talent – cost, quality, or speed?”

For clarification, Cost = Total recruiting cost to hire. Speed = Time it took to find and bring on talent. Quality = Did you hire an “A-Player” that delivered expectations of the role.

Using ping pong balls and big glass jars at the trade show booth, our highly scientific survey showed that 96% of HR professionals believed that QUALITY was the most important metric when it came to hiring top talent.

Where things got hazy was our follow up question:

How do you measure quality?”

That question elicited a myriad of responses from “retention” to “they fit into our culture”. And while both are very important to a successful hire, we also asked, “Is it possible for you to retain an employee that isn’t high quality?” or “Could someone be a culture fit that isn’t delivering on the expectations of that role?”

The answer was YES to both questions! Even though quality was the most important metric to 97% of the HR professionals surveyed, there was rarely any clarity on how to accurately measure it.

In addition, when we asked the key question slightly differently:

“What’s the most important metric TO YOUR BOSS regarding hiring top talent?”

The responses changed dramatically. We learned that HR professionals are often measured against cost and speed versus quality.

So, here’s what we learned:

1. 96% of HR professionals believe QUALITY is the most important metric to recruiting top talent
2. Companies typically do not have a good strategy for measuring Quality
3. HR is looking for quality but often are being measured against speed/cost

Titus Talent Strategies believes strongly that speed and cost will take care of themselves when we help our partners accurately measure Quality of Hire.  Quite simply put – if you hire someone who accomplishes specific performance objectives set by the organization -THAT is the measurement of QUALITY.

If you have been searching for an accurate way to measure Quality of Hire while saving both time and money, we can help. Let’s connect to show you how we do it.


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