How Companies Are Taking Advantage of Top Talent Availability.

By: Andy Campbell


In the past, many recruiters have been frustrated with the challenging task of trying to connect with top talent.  They’re never at their desks, they don’t respond to emails, and they’re too busy to engage in conversation. So, what’s changed?

Availability. Typically, many top performers are gainfully employed and busy making things happen at their company. They’re not sitting at their desks looking at email, LinkedIn, or waiting for recruiters to call.

But all that’s changed. Much of the top talent is working from home, and now available more than ever for a conversation.

Many companies may still be unsure if they should focus on hiring right now, but we’ve found that many of our clients are using this time of availability to their advantage. Look at this list below. Does this sound like you?

  1. A company with high demand for your product or service with many open positions.
  2. A company that has a critical position to fill but doesn’t know if this is the right time to hire and onboard a new employee.
  3. A company that knows it will eventually need key team members to meet their business goals and objectives.
  4. A company experiencing lay-offs and furloughs with some uncertainties whether past employees will return when the economy opens up.

Remember, most of the top talent that you would love to hire is now working from home and available for a conversation. So, if you think it isn’t a good time to recruit, think again.

Here are some ways that you can use this time wisely to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Reach out to your top talent in your industry that would be an excellent fit for your organization and have that “first conversation.” You might be surprised at how open people will be to discuss a possible move.
  2. Consider filling that critical role now when key candidates are available for online interviews. If this role is essential to your long-term growth, now can be the time to make your move.
  3. Build a strong candidate pipeline now for future growth. Make sure your company is not behind the eight ball when the economy open-up.

Many of our Partners have taken this time to pivot and rethink their hiring and people strategy.  Thinking differently and using time wisely during this challenging time can help your company be well positioned for the future.

If you would like some help on how to creatively reach out to top talent, effectively build candidate pipelines, or identify key candidates, we’d love to talk.




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