How Strong Employee Engagement Improves Recruiting and Retention

By: Erik Kasabuske


In today’s tight labor market, companies are looking for creative ways to improve employee engagement. Strong employee engagement is not only vital to increasing retention rates and boosting individual and team performance, but it’s also one the most important things you can do to improve talent acquisition.   Remember, your reputation in the marketplace begins and ends with the people that make up your organization.

There’s a lot of information out there on ways to increase engagement. Companies may think that having a great company picnic or offering pet insurance may be the ticket, but the truth is the increasing long-term engagement takes time, energy and long-term commitment.

At Titus Talent, we’ve used three great tools to help us increase engagement and loyalty among our team members.   Those three tools are Predictive Index, Gallup Strengthfinder and Emplify.

I’m a big fan of Tom Rath and the Gallup Strengthfinder. If you’ve read any of his books like “Are You Fully Charged?” or “Well Being” you’ll notice a similar theme. The biggest things that drive employees away are not compensation, 401k plans, or even a rude micro-managing boss. What drives people away are when their talents or strengths are misaligned with their role and job functions.

If your employee works 40-50 hours per week and they spend 50% or more of their time doing work that isn’t fulfilling to them, then the conversation will always come back to compensation, benefits, etc. However, when you align your people’s talents and strengths with their role, you immediately create fulfillment and an excitement to wake up everyday and go to work.

For example, let’s say you have a design engineer that prefers hands on technical work, and they are the best designer you have on your team. Being the best designer does not guarantee they’d be a good manager or leader or would even enjoy that responsibility. On the flip side, you wouldn’t want to ask one of your visionary leaders to spend all day behind a computer doing data entry. That’s a sure-fire way to create frustration, lower engagement, and decrease productivity.

The challenge will always be aligning 100% of a job with someone strengths. There’s almost always going to be something that they don’t enjoy doing, but if you can make this 25% or preferably less of their time you’re in a good spot. Start aligning people’s natural talents with the job instead of trainable skills and you’ll immediately see improvement in performance and engagement and as a bonus you’ll have built in advocates that want to bring other high performers they know onto your team.

If you’d like help identifying ways to improve your company’s employee engagement, contact us.  We’re here to help.

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