Don’t Just Rely on Postings, Go and Get Talent

By: Peggy Swenson


Does your human resources team feel they have limited time for recruiting?

The majority of HR teams are responsible for compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, compliance, safety…AND recruiting!  Given this long list of responsibilities, is there really time left over to proactively recruit?

Finding top talent these days is not easy.  It’s no longer an employer’s market but a strong candidate market.

Top talent in today’s marketplace is scarce and fickle. To attract and hunt passive candidates, you cannot rely on job postings to do the work. Because the top talent you are looking for isn’t searching, they’re waiting to be presented with an opportunity.

It is crucial now more than ever, to roll up your sleeves and proactively find the talent you need to move your business forward.  If your human resources team only has time to quickly post an ad, you may need to rethink how many hours it will truly take to hunt passive candidates.

Here are some pivotal questions to ask yourself to gauge how much time your team really needs to spend on recruiting to achieve success:

  1. How many job openings did you have last year?  How many were planned?
  2. How long was your average time to hire? How can you make the timeframe shorter?
  3. Where do most of your resumes originate?  How much time is wasted sifting through unqualified resumes?
  4. What positions are the most challenging to fill? Is your current process making these a priority?
  5. How many positions will you be estimating this year due to retirements, promotions and growth?  Do you have a plan for unforeseen resignations?

Additional items to consider:

  1. Do you have an applicant tracking system to make your team more efficient?
  2. Do you have a recruiting video or unique careers page on your website or on your company’s LinkedIn page sharing “why” candidates should join your company?
  3. Are you treating recruiting like sales – approaching it as a long term investment and a two-way street?
  4. Does your team have time to blog and encourage your current employees to share your career opportunities on social media?
  5. Do you provide the time needed for your team to thoroughly interview the hiring manager for each position – providing valuable insight into skill sets and culture fit needed to be successful in the role.
  6. Do you have the time to invite future candidates to events; is recruiting part of your sales and marketing efforts?

These are vital questions any company should be able to answer to know if the workload of the HR team allows for successful recruiting. So again, ask yourself….

Does your HR team have the realistic time to dedicate to hunt passive candidates?

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