Hiring? Your Online Presence Should Be Love At First Sight.

By: Joel Lalgee


Attracting that perfect companion and attracting the perfect candidate to an organization may have more similarities than you may think.  This recent NY Times article shows us that because of this tight talent market, gone are the days top candidates are flooding job boards to try and find a new position.

These top performers need to be wooed and enticed to have that first conversation.  And for many, the first point of contact, in dating as well as seeking information about a company, is online.

Most people will not date a person with a questionable online presence and top talent most likely won’t consider a conversation with a company if their online presence isn’t attractive and enticing to their goals, values and overall career direction.

We know that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can really make or break your first impression. From a professional point of view, Glassdoor and LinkedIn should be added to the list and may be even more important when attracting top talent.

Here are some key ways a company can boost the attractiveness of their online presence.

“Must Haves” To Be Attractive To Top Talent:

  • Pay Attention. The first rule of thumb is to pay attention to all online recruiting sources (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Glass Door).  Many companies do not monitor these sources on a regular basis and don’t update them when new information is available about the company.   Make sure someone owns these resources and takes great pride in making them “shine” in the marketplace.


  • Engaging Job Descriptions. Many companies put their job descriptions online.  It’s important to remember that this may be the first place top talent gets a taste of your company.  Treat job descriptions more like a marketing document than a list of skills by making them interesting, engaging and unique.  Ask yourself, “Would I want to consider this role after reading this job description?”  Check out these awesome job descriptions to help get you started.


  • Knock-Out Career Page. Treat your candidates like your customers.  Companies spend a lot of time making their site attractive to their potential customers, so make sure the candidate experience on your site is just as enjoyable.  Does your Career Page talk about the company mission?  Does it highlight your employees in a positive way?  Does it speak to what is important to the target market you are trying to attract? (giving back, cultural fit, values)


Nice to Haves” To Be Attractive To Top Talent:

  • Culture Video.  Bring your culture and people to life can make a huge impact. This article breaks down some great culture videos and shows why they work ( 5 great culture videos) to attract top talent.  Also, view the Titus Talent Culture Video.  This video highlights our culture but also gives center stage to our people and their passion for working at Titus Talent.


  • Team Testimonials. Just as in dating, getting a recommendation from someone that you respect allows you to feel confident with your decision.  This is no different when attracting top talent.  If candidates can hear firsthand from people in the organization, the decision to make the move will be much easier.  Testimonials can be put on the website or in a video (Titus Talent Culture Video), can be inserted into an on-line job descriptions and candidate communication, and can be put in a third part resource, like Glassdoor. Encourage your top employees to post their reviews on Glassdoor and online. This article shows just how  many candidates read Glassdoor reviews. Knowing that over half of your prospective candidates use this resource to help make their decision is reason enough to manage it properly.


Just like in dating, to attract the best potential candidates you need to put your best foot forward from day one to stand out from the thousands of opportunities that exist. If you put in work and effort to maintain a strong online image, you’ll be attracting top talent in no time.

If you’d like help with your online recruiting presence, we’d love to connect with you!


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