The Race to Win in Production Hiring

By: Ben Murphy


With the shortage of manufacturing-experienced talent, the race is on.  Who will find not just loyal and dependable people, but candidates who have the behavioral and cognitive makeup that will align with the types of roles in the manufacturing setting? What companies will retain great talent based on employee motivations?  Who will become the employer of choice? Bobby Knight is famously quoted to say, “The key is not the will to win…everybody has that.  It is the will to prepare to win that’s important.”  So how do you prepare to win in recruiting? There are three key factors you need to consider.

1. Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments

First, including an understanding of a candidate’s behavioral and cognitive makeup allows you to see if they align with people who have excelled in similar roles. By understanding your current workforce as a baseline, you can use predictive analytics as a strong data point for selection.  It also allows you to include more people in your interview funnel because you can assess more than just a resume for fit.  With the extreme talent scarcity issues, a wider funnel approach to attracting and assessing talent is required.

2. Core Motivations

Secondly, you must get a pulse on your team’s motivations.  Survey your workforce on a recurring basis. Preparing to win means you understand what is causing people to stay or leave the organization and you understand your biggest trends – shift, working conditions, pay, lack of growth, etc. You cannot make the changes necessary until you understand your people.

3. Know Your Competition

Lastly, part of your preparation includes studying the competition in order to become the employer of choice.  Your pay structure must at minimum align with, but ideally exceed the offerings of other companies in your demographic area. A compensation analysis of not just manufacturing, but other distribution or retail options is needed as many companies have increased their base rates to be competitive.

At the end of the day, preparing your business to win means creating a baseline for what optimal success looks likes regarding how your employees are wired, what is motivating them, and developing your competitive advantages to become the employer of choice. There will always be frustrations attached to extreme talent scarcity, but understanding the holistic approach to solving the problem will give you a realistic chance at winning.

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