Titus Talent’s EOS Team Partners with ReNew Communities to Build Friendships and Thriving Communities

By: Amy Querin


Last weekend, a few of our team members enjoyed the opportunity to serve alongside volunteers with ReNew Communities and Matthew Homes. This was our third year to partner with their efforts to build friendships & thriving communities in North Chicago.

Amy Querin

ReNew Communities’ mission is to come alongside community leaders and residents by offering programs that work collaboratively with local businesses to increase jobs, provide affordable home ownership for those in need, and build career pathways for students, all with the goal of igniting a tipping point toward community revitalization. The Matthew Homes concept was birthed by ReNew Communities. It is an affordable housing program for low and middle-income families in need of housing.

You might notice the “Team 300” on our t-shirts; that’s a reflection of Matthew Homes’ 15-year goal to build 300 homes in North Chicago to create a ‘tipping point’ where revitalization grows organically. According to Kathie Warfield, Matthew Homes Volunteer Coordinator. “It’s not houses, it’s people and community.”


Matthew Homes by ReNew

Thanks to our friend and Certified EOS Implementer, Clark Neuhoff, for the past two years, we’ve participated and sponsored the JRS Golf Outing benefitting Matthew Homes— in celebration of the life and legacy of Jason Surber, ATF’s former Integrator. This year, we got the chance to roll up our sleeves and join the front lines with Matthew Homes. From the golf course to yard work, we’re proud to partner with fellow EOS-run companies, like ATF.

Titus Talent’s EOS Team members shoveling rocks

Titus Talent’s EOS Team members painting

Titus Talent’s EOS Team members planting plants

Titus Talent's EOS team members painting

Titus Talent's EOS team members pushing wheelbarrows

Titus Talent’s EOS Team members doing volunteer work

Before and after picture of volunteer work

One of our favorite ways to honor the partnerships we have across the country is to donate to causes they are passionate in, and it helps us get to our BIG goal to give $30M by 2030 back into our people, communities and the world.

Many thanks to EOS Worldwide and Clark Neuhoff for making all these connections possible!

Titus Talent’s EOS Team

Titus Talent’s EOS Team

TTS People:

Amy Querin

Peggy Swenson

Chris Perras

Erik Kas

Alicia Jeffries

Jacqueline Letizia

Raina Fryer

Ashley Meyer

Conner Pinson

Nils Haldorsen

Nick Moes

Joelle Worm

To read more about ‘the ATF way’, check out their social responsibility page: https://www.atf-inc.com/company/social-responsibility/

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