Top Industries Trending for 2021 New Graduates

By: Emma Bronson


Coming off of a year of uncertainty and unforeseen layoffs in many industries, how can you as a new graduate navigate this ever-changing job market? Good news, according to Bloomberg,[i] job postings on Indeed were 13.5% higher than pre-pandemic levels as of March. While progress is being made in the labor market, some sectors hit harder by the pandemic are still struggling to bounce back. As a new grad looking to take the jump into the workforce, here are some industries you might want to focus your job search on.

  1. Data Science

In this era of remote work, it is no surprise technology and data science has increased exponentially over the past year. With work from home becoming the new norm and zoom being the main hub for communication, individuals with a background in programming, machine learning, and coding are top skills within this growing field.

  1. Software Development

The same goes for Software Developers. According to LinkedIn[ii] the demand for Software Developers has increased 25%. Individuals with specialized skills on how to create and interact with different technologies are highly sought after with much of today’s business being online and through apps.

  1. Healthcare

The need for frontline healthcare workers has been steady and sustained throughout this past year. But the pandemic has also opened the demand for mental health workers and healthcare system support staff. The healthcare system has been overloaded with work when it comes to not only treating patients but also keeping records. Support staff roles have increased by 34% since 2019.

  1. Sales

In many cases there was a decline in the need for sales professionals during the early stages of the pandemic. With companies either closing or operating at lower hours, there was no need for new business to come in. Well, the tables have turned, and sales professionals are needed now more than ever to help companies bounce back and continue to drive new business to them.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing roles have grown 33% year over year. Stopping the scroll has never been more important than now. Many people this past year turned to social media for an escape from the world, prompting many businesses to want to adjust their marketing tactics to be more up to date with social media trends.

  1. Finance

The housing market is booming right now, which means the demand for loan and mortgage experts has only increased. With the Paycheck Protection Loan and very attractive low-interest rates, loan officers have been kept historically busy through 2020 into the new year. With many work-from-home options, a career as an Underwriter, Loan Officer, or Escrow Officer has become a very popular field for many in the finance industry.

  1. Education

Schools and universities were forced to navigate a new era of learning during 2020. The new fully remote or hybrid type schedules for teachers have not only created a need for more educators but also tutors and aids with relevant education and teaching backgrounds. With parents either still working from home full time or starting to go back into the office, many have turned to tutors for in-home help to relieve the burden of parents being full-time working professionals and educators.

  1. Workplace Diversity

This past year has sparked a systemic response to workplace diversity. Companies are now turning to diversity experts on assisting them in making sure their organizations are diverse, inclusive, and equitable. Hiring of Diversity Experts has increased 90% since 2019 showing that companies are committed to bringing new voices into their organizations. If you are interested in learning on how to jumpstart a sustainable inclusive culture check out these webinars.[iii]

Entering the workforce is an exciting time for any new grad. First impressions are everything, so make sure you are putting your best foot forward with these 4 easy ways to make your LinkedIn profile pop[iv] and some tips on updating your resume.[v] At Titus, we are always looking for passionate people to join our team. Take a look at our current opportunities as well![vi]








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