True Generosity Costs More than Money

By: Matt Gainsford


Generosity is a mindset.  

True generosity costs something; True generosity says, “I see you, I’m with you.”. 

Money is an amazing resource, but money can also keep you at a distance. True connection happens in the joining of hands and the sharing of common space; the sharing of gifts, abilities, and expertise to add to aid and foster the growth, strengthening and betterment of others.  

When we first encountered Solutions for Change at an EOS conference back in 2021, we heard a story that so deeply moved and arrested us that we were compelled to ask, “how do we get involved, what can we do?”. 

Here is a group of people committed to addressing the root cause and not just managing symptoms. 

Upon hearing that Chris at Solutions for Change had turned down a $6million government grant because it didn’t align with the principles and work of the team we were floored. The level of conviction shown was astounding and we were in, whatever it took! 

Generosity has been foundational to Titus and something that, from the beginning, we have actively pursued, generosity with a couple of principles. If our team members are actively involved in something themselves, are giving of their time, expertise and effort (or in some way have been impacted by an event or circumstance that a charity/initiative has supported them in) then we want to support that. 

What started as a business pitch turned into a dual close and swiftly morphed into a connection that has not only led to a working partnership but partnership so deep that it has inspired our team members to give of their time and expertise on a volunteer basis. 

We invited the Solutions for Change team to share their story at our annual Progress meeting and that story sparked ideas from our team as to how they could get involved. 

It’s one thing to get your wallet out, it’s another to say, “You are important, and I want to invest my time and my heart into you.”.  

A few people gathered to utilize their recruitment skillsets to set up programs that included interviewing, resume writing and career advice.  

What we do in talent optimization is to provide superior opportunities for people, to redirect their futures and to impact those who in their spheres of influence. We put the right people in the right seat so they can flourish and so the companies they work for can grow, and together impact their communities. This is great when you’re dealing with people with relevant industry experience, formalized education, and achievement patterns, but what if you’re working with people who haven’t had those opportunities, or where life has dealt them a different hand… 

In partnering with Solutions for Change we are enabling and empowering people who may not see the true value they carry, who have stories with narratives that say, “you don’t matter, and you’re destined for less than a life; you’re beyond hope” and equipping them with skills that magnify and give movement to their talents, gifts and abilities. We are helping them see that the possible is accessible and someone is in their corner to help them get there.  

Chris at Solutions for Change put it best when he said: “Impossible is nothing”. 

At Titus we don’t look as clients as customers, we have partners, and we are PASSIONATE about that terminology. Why? True partnership says we both need each other, we’re both invested and together we are stronger; together we can go further, together we can change the world! 

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