Work / Life: Brittany River’s Story

By: Matt Gainsford


Britt Rivers

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of personal life affecting work life, or stories of managers who, for whatever reason, are ill equipped to manage and who are impacting the personal lives of employees. 

There is a lot of security to be found in stability; knowing where you are, what’s required to be successful and what you are being consistently and fairly assessed upon. 

Stress in one of the most commonplace workplace sicknesses and over 69% of people have revealed that they have experienced moderate to high stress in the workplace. 

In fact, according to Champion Health, the top 3 sources of stress for employees are: 

  • Excessive workload, especially if the work volume and deadlines are outside of an employee’s capability 
  • Lack of control which includes work processes, decision making and performance targets 
  • Lack of support, which 26% of people claim to have experienced. 

Interestingly, 25% of employees cite Senior Staff as a cause of stress. Managers who are ill-equipped to support their people and who, for stresses of their own, may resort to micro-management, bullying, unrealistic demands, or unintentional lack of support. 

Whatever the story, workplace stress is very real and can have a significant impact which reverberates beyond the individual into the teams, culture, performance, and bottom line of an organization. 

We are never going to escape stress but there are a lot of elements we can change, and a lot we can control. How we build is just as important, if not more so, than what we build. The culture we develop, the support and infrastructure we offer our people and the space we give for recovery and repair can make or break our success as an organization, and as leaders. 

Imagine this, you’re a single parent starting a new job, moving to a brand-new city, and facing a number of immensely challenging, high stakes situations that are beyond your control. The fear of how your new employers may respond to the relocation that is taking place and the personal responsibilities that lay on your shoulders is very real and you’re wondering how it is all going to work out. 

This was Britt River’s story, or more accurately, this was the mountain Britt was facing when she joined Titus.  

Britt’s response to what she received upon joining Titus is overwhelming to experience (I’m not crying, you’re crying). Britt describes what impacted her as, “Titus didn’t just provide a job, but they provided an entire culture that was setup to help support me, build me up and uplift me; I couldn’t ask for anything more.”. 

Experience Britt’s story here as part of our Work / Life Series:

Britt is an incredible example of what can take place in a People First environment and her story is amazing and is something that organizations and companies can achieve. Her story highlights the realities of juggling work and life and how we, as people, can impact one another. 

More than recruiters, Titus Talent Strategies are a team of Talent Optimizers. We empower companies to put the right people in the right seats through informed, connected strategies that combine data with an empathetic understanding of what makes people tick. For us, it all comes back to People.

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