Employee recruiting in the CPG space leaving a bitter taste in your mouth? Sweeten up with these tips!

By: Ben Murphy


Anyone in hiring knows that the talent market is extremely competitive right now, especially in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.  And based on recent forecasting, it doesn’t look like this trend will be changing anytime soon.

At Titus Talent Strategies, we’ve worked with many CPG companies around the country and have noticed some trends in their employee recruiting strategies that have helped these companies beat out their competitors in attracting and hiring the best in the business.

We’ve taken some of these employee recruiting trends and turned them into key tips that we view as essential for companies looking to attract and retain top talent.

Build a complete talent funnel. The traditional approach to hiring, with job postings and college talent fairs, is still valid in today’s market and shouldn’t be abandoned, but it only taps a small percentage of a successful talent funnel. To be truly successful, you need to align a good portion of your strategy around identify, engaging, and attracting top passive candidates.

Add passive candidate recruiting methodology. Your new crop of employees needs to be cultivated. Start by building out a detailed passive candidate strategy that includes an understanding of what top talent craves when looking for opportunities. Insert resources, training and capabilities that can have a consistent reach to the best employees in the market, including your competitor’s. This is an essential part of growing a successful team because much of the desirable top talent is not looking at job postings.

Rethink the traditional organizational chart. Does your company’s org chart reflect a career path that is attractive to top talent? Having more steps to advancement and cross-functional training opportunities within each path lets employees know they’re moving toward something. Unfortunately, titles matter and how you detail those position titles in your org chart compared to your competition can make a difference. It helps retain employees while building an influx of people moving upward for the future.

Create a baseline of your best employees. Take the time to understand what makes your best employees tick. Create a profile that looks at top employees from a behavioral, cognitive, performance and experience standpoint. This knowledge will help you seek out these qualities in future hires.

At Titus Talent, we believe Predictive Index is a critical component of accomplishing this and see it as a vital tool in the hiring process.

Top talent can tell if your company has growth mindset. Top talent wants to progress, they want movement in a positive direction and to be a part of a company that is innovating and growing.

Company culture is a top down concept that determines the trajectory for your business. The reality is that your desired culture determines your future revenue, but equally important, it determines the type of people you attract and retain. We believe that companies that  boost employee engagement through a positive culture will be the ones that continue to grow profits.

This is a change that has to start at the top and requires buy-in from everyone in the company. When there is full investment in this philosophical process from the entire company, there’s an overarching sense of job security, a sense of purpose and a desire to stay with a company that values employee contributions and is on track to be a proven winner.

What is the next step for your company to create your own employee recruitment success story? It’s not a simple process and oftentimes takes outside help to begin reaching the right passive candidates, creating baseline profiles and developing a growth mindset.

If you’re looking for ways increase your competitive edge in employee recruitment in the CPG industry, connect with us.  We’d love to start a conversation.


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