Great Recruiting Takes A Thief

By: Susan Schlink


A few years ago, I decided to change my career path and leave behind working in the security industry to become a “talent thief”.  The concept is somewhat familiar.  Instead of being the guardian of businesses’ currency, I was now stealing company’s top employees to place them in other organizations.

Some people may shudder at the thought of being called a “talent thief” or even at hiring someone with this title.  But, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with top talent that wouldn’t talk with any other recruiter but me simply because I was a talent thief with a very different approach.

If you’re a company that wants the best and the brightest working for your organization, you’ll want a talent thief on your team.

Here are 5 reasons WHY:

  1. Talent Thieves don’t work on commission. Their reward is making their clients happy and bringing home the goods by attracting and hiring the best and the brightest in the marketplace.   When you work on a commission, you can easily just get sidetracked by hiring just a warm body to get to a finish line as fast as possible.  It is easy to keep piling resumes and cross your fingers that one of them sticks so you can get paid.  My finish line is different. I strive to find top quality that will last.  It takes consistency, perseverance and numerous conversations, but I can rest easy at night knowing I’m providing the right fit, not a lucky one.


  1. Talent Thieves focus only on the most valuable assets – top talent! I am foraging through profiles, resumes, social media and referrals to get the “A” players that your organization needs.  I don’t go after the low hanging fruit, or active job seekers.  That isn’t a challenge!  I prefer to attract, hire and steal the top performers from your competitors.


  1. Talent Thieves are creative. The way I find top talent will surprise you.  Shhh! its my secret.  You’ll have to work with us to find out.


  1. Talent Thieves are loyal to their clients. I always put our Partners first because I represent clients, not candidates.  I do whatever it takes to make sure your brand is being well represented in the marketplace and focus on attracting and hiring the talent that’s right for your organization.


  1. Talent Thieves take pride in finishing the job. I have the skills that it takes to deliver top talent…Perseverance, Dedication, Collaboration, Persuasion, Resilience.   I also love to win, not only for our Partners, but for the candidates as well.  Hearing the candidates call me with excitement after their interviews and sharing how much they love the opportunity your company provides is one of the best rewards of all.

So next time you’re wondering how to identify, attract and hire the best of the best, remember…it takes a thief.

Learn how to hire a talent thief for your organization and contact us!  Our entire team is ready to help plan your next “talent heist.”

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