Increase Employee Engagement and Retention Using Predictive Index (PI)

March 30, 2018

Ashley Meyer

Ashley Meyer

After 10 years of trying various assessment tools and personality tests, I always came to the same conclusion. Great, I know who I am…but, now what?

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I struggled with understanding how I could consistently use this data, as it was so often used to disqualify someone from the interview process or even as a fun exercise at a company meeting to get to know one another. It wasn’t until Titus Talent Strategies started exploring the Predictive Index (PI) that I felt an actual road map was in place to use the information for everyone beyond a one-time use.

Utilizing PI’s software, Titus Talent Strategies has been able to use this as a full life-cycle tool for our job candidates and our own internal teams.

First, we have used PI to build a benchmark Job Pattern and then compare our candidate’s Behavioral Assessment to the Job Pattern to see if they would be the right fit. We have also used this feature to create impactful interview questions and better understand how this candidate may fit with our culture and teams.

Equally important to the Job Pattern/Job Assessment has been the “Inspire” module of the software to help us coach, engage, and inevitably retain our best people. With company turnover at a 10-year high nationally, this tool can be a critical asset to build employee engagement within any organization.

Here is how we use the tool to build engagement and retention:


PI encourages this information to be everywhere. It’s who we are, so let’s use it to build high-performing teams and coach our people based on what drives them. The way we do this is sharing three items from PI with our teammates and their managers.

  1. The Behavioral Report – This is a breakdown of who people are, including their management style (if they are in that seat), influencing/selling style (depending on the position, of course), and management strategies regarding how to best maximize their effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  2. Personal Development Charts (PDC) – It’s often said that we are at our best when we are self-aware. The PDC showcases strengths, as well as blind spots. Both the individual and their manager review this information and have this as a talking point during their weekly one on ones.
  3. Placards – In the mobile culture of Titus Talent, we have found this tool to be highly effective. The placard is a high-level overview of how to best interact with someone, measuring their preference on driving/collaboration, talking it out/thinking it through, etc. Before connecting with someone when working on a project, we always look at their preferences to ensure we understand how that person ticks. We have seen many organizations put these up in their cubicles or offices, which is an easy way to keep PI ingrained in the company culture.

Manager and Peer Scorecards

These have been the game-changer for our organization. PI provides three impactful scorecards for use during our quarterly conversations.

  1. Manager’s Scorecard – Using someone’s pattern to understand specifically if we are providing our teammates what they need.
  2. Working with my Manager Scorecard – Completed by the subordinate prior to a meeting to hold themselves accountable to adjustments they may need to make when working with their manager.
  3. Peer Scorecard – Essential to the growth and consistency of our mentorship program.

Team Analytics

The challenge in business is always making sure that the right person is in the right seat. Using the group analytics function has helped us understand how we are similar and different, and how someone will integrate within their specific team. We have used this before someone even starts, and we have also used this function to review the teams already in place. Both uses are important for different reasons, especially in the areas of long-term engagement, career development, and succession planning.

As you can see, Predictive Index has been invaluable for us, but maybe the most important value it can bring to your organization today is building employee engagement and retention.

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