Lifesaving Lessons in Healthcare Recruitment

A man practicing CPR

CPR. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.  CPR is conducted in the severest of emergencies where it is determined that an individual’s life is in danger if immediate action is not taken to attempt to restart their heart.   It’s something we’ve all witnessed on TV or in movies and, heaven forbid—for some of us—in real life.  CPR. Compressions. Pulse…

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ABCs of Healthcare Recruiting

Not the ABCs we learned in pre-school, but the medical knowledge foundation:  Airway – Breathing – Circulation.   As children, the ABCs are embedded into our brains, so when a medical emergency occurs, we know exactly where to start. Is the airway obstructed? If yes/no, follow the appropriate algorithm actions. Are they breathing independently? If yes/no, follow the…

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Healthcare Hiring Trends for 2023 and Beyond

A group of medical professionals meeting

While healthcare systems around the world scrambled to staff their hospitals with doctors and nurses, the number of patients needing attention continued to rise, creating a stressful and challenging environment for healthcare professionals and organizations around the world.  The years following the pandemic have forced healthcare organizations, hiring managers, and recruiters to change their approach…

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Hiring in Healthcare – You can take the Nurse out of Nursing, or Can You?

Here is Cassidy’s Story  If we can put a person in a role that resonates with their skills, abilities, motivations, and future growth, we all benefit. Employee engagement is higher, ownership, and investment increases (with the support of a well-equipped manager). Our Partners feel the impact of it. It’s something that transcends industries whether that’s tackling…

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How Cold Calling Can Breathe Life Into Your Healthcare Recruiting

According to a recent article, 92% of all sales interactions happen over the phone.  The phone is still a very valuable tool in sales and needs to be used regularly for sales success. The same is true in healthcare recruiting.  Even though it seems that technology has taken over the healthcare recruiting industry, there are still some “old…

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Open Your Doors To Recruit Top Healthcare Talent

An open sign

At Titus Talent, we love working with organizations to give them a competitive edge in the recruitment world. This past year, we teamed up with one of our healthcare partners, Almost Home Kids to develop a creative way to attract top talent to their organization. Through collaboration with the Almost Home Kids, we sponsored an open house and invited…

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